Speech Christmas Trees

I love doing crafts with my students in speech therapy. Coloring, cutting, and gluing are all great ways to target those fine motor goals. Adding in some pictures allows us to target various speech and language goals as well!

Last week I had my students create Speech Christmas Trees. I've seen many variations of these done before, so many that I have no idea who came up with the original idea! I printed various worksheets from Mommy Speech Therapy so that we could target articulation and language goals. Example: For students working on WH-questions, I would ask a random question and they would have to point to the correct picture on the worksheet. For students with categorization goals, I would ask the student what group a specific picture belongs to and then instructed the student to name three more objects/items in that group. It's so easy to target a multitude of goals simply using a variety of pictures!

Take a look at the final trees. Aren't they adorable? I hung them up on the wall outside of my speech room. The students will get to take them home some time this week before Christmas break. They were all so proud of their work!

What are you working on this week in speech therapy? Are you doing any fun Christmas crafts or are you targeting the winter theme?

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<3 Breanna

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