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Do you work with a ton of students with articulation needs but find it really difficult to plan homework every week? The thought of opening ten different articulation sound books, making copies, writing names and directions on each page sounds exhausting.

I have created an articulation homework packet as a quick way of printing off homework quickly. The best part is that the directions are already printed on each page and are printed in parent-friendly terms.

As a speech-language pathologist in the schools I knew I needed something quick and easy for homework. This packet includes a variety of activities that I created for articulation homework to use with all of my personal speech-language therapy students. I combined all of the activities into one packet for easy purchasing.

This packet features phonemes /p/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /f/, and /v/. Many activities feature these sounds in the initial and final positions, but there are medial articulation cards with visuals included for each sound. Like I mentioned earlier, I created this packet specifically for my students, so that's why the early sounds are the focus. If there's enough interest in my creating a packet for later sounds, then I may consider that, but my focus remains on creating activities that my personal students can use.

The components include two different color by sound worksheets - one that focuses on voiced and voiceless sounds combined (for example, /p/ and /b/ combined) and one that focuses on a single phoneme. I love coloring activities because it gives my students with fine motor goals another opportunity to work on those goals at home.

Also included in the packet are articulation loaded scenes, which provide students with multiple opportunities to practice specific phonemes. 

The biggest component of the packet are the monthly articulation homework worksheets. Each month features four worksheets (appropriate for 1x a week) and focus on themes instead of holidays. This is great when working with diverse populations who may not celebrate holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Some examples of themes featured include superheros, muffins, sweaters, mittens, pilgrims, candy, etc. Instructions are included in the download regarding how I use these worksheets with my students.

The final component features articulation cards with visuals for each word, which is ideal for young learners who may not be able to read. Each phonemes features five words in the initial, medial, and final positions for 15 words for each phoneme.

See the gallery below for picture examples.

Regarding the monthly articulation homework worksheets, I like to use these as part of my therapy session before sending the worksheet home for homework. I will use either the articulation cards with visuals provided in this packet or I will use the articulation cards from Mommy Speech Therapy. I instruct the student to color five pictures, cut apart the five pictures, and then glue the five pictures onto the monthly homework worksheet. That is the worksheet the students will take home for homework. While one student is coloring and cutting, I typically drill the other student using the articulation cards. See the detailed picture above for more information on how I use these worksheets with my students.

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