Featuring: Flip Flop Articulation Matching Game

Who's tired of the same old same old articulation cards? My students and I sure are! I have created a fun and motivating articulation matching game that is perfect with the younger crowd. The graphics are exciting and an open-ended game is included in the download.

This activity features phonemes /p/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /k/, /g/, /t/, /d/, and /f/. I did not create cards for /h/, /w/, or /v/ as I don't have many students with those types of goals. There are 9 cards for the initial position, 6 for the medial position, and 9 for the final position of each phoneme for a total of 216 cards in the download.

How do I use this activity with my students? I first printed, laminated, and cut everything apart. Then I would select a specific deck for each student dependent upon his/her goals. For student A, I may select the /k/ deck and for student B, I may select the /g/ deck. If the students have similar goals, like my two examples students, then I will mix the decks together to create one large matching game. If the students have vastly different goals, then I will create two smaller matching games. For groups with students who have a mixture of articulation and language goals, I will select appropriate decks and have the student with articulation goals works on his/her sounds while the student with language goals works on categorizing/describing/labeling, etc.

Take a peek at the pictures below for a sample of the activity!

Once I have my students complete the matching activity, I will use the cards as drill for individual sounds/language goals while using the open-ended game board for motivation. The game board features flip flops and a summer/beach theme.

My students have had such a fun time with this activity. Being in Michigan it is still quite cold outside, so we're spending our time inside dreaming of 90-degree weather and spending days at the beach. Long live sandy toes!

You can find this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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