Featuring: Articulation Bugs

Spring is officially here. You know what that means? It's bug season... at least it is in Michigan! This is the time when all of the creepy crawlies, flying bugs, you name it come out from hibernation or wherever they go. Most of my students truly enjoy learning about bugs. They also like to play with bugs, but I think I'll leave that for someone else to handle.

I'm pleased to introduce my newest activity - Articulation Bugs! I found these cute bug clipart frames for FREE from Creative Clips on TpT, so I knew I had to create an articulation activity using them. They were just too cute to pass up!

This packet incorporates all 4-year-old initial sounds, since many of my students are targeting those sounds at this time. This includes initial /k/, /g/, /t/, /d/, /f/, and /v/. There are 12 cards for each phoneme for a total of 72 cards.

Also included are instructions for gameplay, four different colored jars, and a spinner with a key to help you and your students learn how to play the game. Simply attach a brad (or fastener) to the center of the spinner with a hair pin or a paperclip in the center to create a spinner.

Questions about how to play this game? View the instructions via the pictures below.

You can find this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I hope you enjoy using it!

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