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Where have I been for the past two weeks? Well, my district had spring break last week, so I spent the week relaxing with my husband and not thinking about anything speechie. It was a fabulous week!

Now that break is over, I have been focusing on creating these summer speech and language homework packets. I tend to give all of my students work to do over the summer even if they do not qualify for extended school year (ESY) services. I love all of the packets on TpT and calendar ideas, but I found that I really needed something that is specific to my individual students. I'm hoping some of you will find these packets useful and appropriate for your own students!

Summer Language Homework Packet

This packet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. I love using thematic units throughout the school year, so I asked myself, why not carry those over during the summer months? While incorporating thematic units each week, this language packet focuses on different areas of language development.

The following thematic units are targeted: ocean animals, the beach, insects/bugs, fruits, vegetables, pets, jungle animals, school supplies, farm, and community helpers.

Included in the download is a parent letter explaining the packet, an activities page where the parent would check off each completed worksheet and sign the bottom to indicate completion of the worksheets, and enough worksheets for the summer break (please note that everyone's summer break lengths differ, so I included enough worksheets to cover my own student's summer break).

The following language targets are included on each worksheet: labeling to expand vocabulary, basic concepts, using appropriate grammar, using pronouns he, she, and they, and prepositions.

This packet is created in black and white for easy printing. Pictures of objects are also included which is ideal for young learners.

Take a look at the gallery below for a better idea of worksheets included in this packet.

The worksheets are practically identical in that they all target the same goals, but the theme and vocabulary changes each week. This is ideal for young learners to grasp the concepts and be able to better generalize the skills.

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Summer Articulation Homework Packet

Included in the summer articulation packet are initial and final /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. These are the articulation sounds the majority of my caseload is targeting. I have been debating creating an packet for earlier sounds (/p/, /b/, /m/, and /n/), but I'm not sure if it's needed. Leave a comment if you think you would use a packet with those sounds.

Each phoneme features 5 different activities - a matching game, BINGO, a board game, a roll and color activity, and a tic tac toe portion. Specific instructions on how parents should use these activities with their child is included in the download. Also included is a parent letter explaining the importance of working on these sounds over the break and the expectations for completing summer work.

Matching Game - The child can color the pictures if desired. The child should cut apart the pictures and scramble them up. To play, the child would turn over two cards, name both cards, and determine if the cards match. Gameplay should continue until all matches are found. This activity features a matching game for initial sounds and final sounds.

BINGO - Two BINGO boards are included along with BINGO pictures to cut apart as calling cards. The child should say the word that is called 3-5 times before covering his or her own BINGO board with a marker of some kind. Gameplay is over after either the BINGO boards are filled or the child marks off four pictures in a row or column.

Board Game - Board game movement cards are included for those students who may not have access to a dice for gameplay. Simply cut apart these cards, place them face down, and have the student draw a card to determine how many spaces he or she moves forward. The child must name the picture on which he or she lands. Both initial and final sounds are included on one game board.

Roll and Color - This activity requires a dice or spinner of some sort. The child must roll the dice, find the picture that matches that dice amount, and color the picture appropriately using the correct crayon. The child should say the word 3-5 times during coloring.

Tic Tac Toe - The parent will need to decide who will play as X and who will play as O. Four opportunities to play are included in the download for each phoneme. The child must say the word correctly in order for him or her to place an X or O marker on one spot. The X's or O's in a row determines the winner.

Check out the gallery below to view each activity. Initial and final /k/ was selected for preview.

Feel free to grab this product from my Teacher Pay Teachers store if interested.

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