Featuring: Seasonal Pronouns

I'm so excited to share my newest product with you! I have many students coming to me next year with pronoun goals. Not only are they working on he/she but they are starting to target him/her as well. I don't have many products that feature these pronouns, so I figured I should get started early!

This product packet features all four seasons. Holidays are NOT featured in this packet making it usable with diverse populations. 

A boy and a girl are featured in this product. Allow your students to come up with creative names if needed.

For each season, the boy is placed on a seasonal background and the girl is placed on a different seasonal background. 12 objects are provided for each season.

Instructions are as follows (and are also included in the download):

  • Place the boy placemat and the girl placemat on the table in front of the student(s).
  • Cut apart the object cards and place them face down on the table.
  • Have the student select a card, determine which placemat to place the object on (subjective), and produce a sentence containing the appropriate pronoun.
  • Sentence strip visual supports are provided in this download to aid in producing grammatically correct sentences.
  • A larger picture of the boy and girl are included in the download as well to aid in exchanging objects when targeting the combined pronoun portion (example: "She gave the object to him".).
  • A extra set of all of the objects in the download are included from pages 22-25 to use in conjunction with the sentence strips.

Check out the gallery below to view pictures of the product. This preview provides a quick glance at the summer season.

You can find this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I truly hope your students enjoy this activity!

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Breanna

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