Featuring: Interactive Pronoun Mini Book

I'm excited to introduce my newest activity. This product features pronouns he, she, and they, and it is a perfect activity for young learners. Visuals are included on each page to signify who has which item. This product is interactive in that the student must determine the object that the person has on one page, move that picture to the blank box, and then produce the sentence using the appropriate pronoun (e.g., "He has a pen"). 

The following objects/nouns are targeted in this packet: sock, cat, bunny/rabbit, car, backpack, banana, basketball, bee, hat, cookie, heart, pencil, comb, gift/present, fish, star, cupcake, book, pen, flower, kite, balloon, dog, and (beach) ball. These are perfect nouns to target with preschoolers who have an expanding vocabulary.

Contents of the book:

Pages 3-14 have individual boxes containing pronoun+verb+article+object type pictures and sentences. Cut these boxes apart and mix them together - there is no specific order necessary for the book.

Pages 15 and 16 are pages that will be the interactive portion of the booklet. These pages have specific instructions. Be sure to read these instructions carefully prior to binding the booklet.

Pages 17-20 include blank pronoun sentences and objects for students to be able to create their own booklets. These sheets are black and white and can be used as a homework activity for your students.

Finally, pages 21-25 include a BINGO game suitable for 2-4 players. This game can be played alongside reading and interacting with the mini book.

Interactive Instructions: Have the students take turns reading one page at a time using the appropriate pronoun and labeling the correct object. Have the student find the correct object below the booklet and place it in the appropriate blank space on each page. Use the BINGO game for extra fun!

My students have loved reading and interacting with this book. I hope your students enjoy it too!

You can find this activity at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. Please be sure to leave feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Breanna