Monthly Mail Exchange Program

Hey everyone! I've been in back to school mode for awhile now even though we don't start school until September. I will be placed in a preschool-K school this year, and I am super excited about honing my skills and specializing in working with these ages.

Something I haven't done much in the past few years in speech, which I definitely should have been doing, is concentrate on writing skills. Writing and language go hand in hand, and while I'm not a "writing teacher", and while I often leave specific writing strategies to general ed and special ed teachers, I still focus on use of grammar and sentence structure while writing.

I came up with the idea to have my kindergarten students write letters to each other once a month. 

I created a packet for my students that has a letter template, which includes lines for easy writing as well as an area to draw a picture, and also has visual supports like a spelling helper, a WH-question helper, topic list, and a super sentence checklist.

How am I planning on using this with my students? I'm planning on printing the letter pages front to back to allow for extra writing room. I will also have the visual supports handy in case students need assistance with spelling or adding more detail to their letter.


  • Provide each student with the name of the individual to whom he or she will write. The student should write the recipient's name at the top of the letter. Note: I am giving out first names only.
  • Allow the student to write about whatever topic is of interest to him or her. If more instruction is needed or desired, use the sentence starters or fill-in-the-blank sentence supports for inspiration.
  • Have the student draw a picture (and color it) as decoration. This allows for practicing labeling colors and utilizing fine motor strategies as needed.

Not only does this activity allow students to work on grammar/sentence structure through writing, but you can also target reading skills, describing pictures, etc. when students read their letters from other students.

I am planning on having my language groups participate in the mail exchange program, but you could also have articulation groups participate as well. Work on those articulation sounds while writing!

I know my students will be extremely excited to check the mailbox before their session to see if their letters have arrived. 

Grab this packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

What are you doing to target writing and reading in speech therapy?

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Breanna

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