Targeting Pronouns Using Zingo

Hello friends! I'm blogging today to share a tip on how I use the classic game Zingo to target pronouns. I have to say that I use this game for everything! All of my preschoolers and kindergarten students LOVE this game, and I have had to think of some ways to target goals while playing since it is a requested game at least once a week.


It was during a session about a year ago when a student requested to play Zingo for the third time that week. I reluctantly agreed, but I told him that he had to do his work before we play the game. We slowly moved through the set of pronoun cards I had planned on using prior to playing. It was then that I was struck with an idea. If my students love Zingo so much, why don't I find a way to use this game to target goals?

I hastily grabbed a sticky note, drew a boy and a girl, and taped it on to the front of the Zingo chip dispenser.

We're not here to judge my terrible drawings. This is proof of my inability to draw, hence why I purchase other people's clip art. :)

Whenever an item would pop out, the student was instructed to produce a sentence like, "He has a bird" or "She has a train." If working on possessive pronouns, my students would say, "The bird is his and the train is hers." If working on object pronouns, my students would say, "The bird belongs to him and the train belongs to her" or "he gave the train to her and she gave the bird to him." 

As you can see, the hastily drawn sticky note remains to this day. I figure I could replace it with cuter clipart, but why ruin a good thing? Now students that I work with who don't even have pronoun goals will continue to use full sentences to describe what they got. They also enjoy putting certain objects in the boy's side vs. the girl's side and will make up stories (e.g. "I put the baseball bat in the boy's side because he plays baseball after school"). I figure it's all great language, and it helps me to figure out what else I need to work on with specific students.

How are you adapting games to meet student needs in your therapy sessions?

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