Top 10 Teletherapy Activities


It's finally summer vacation, which means it's time to relax, right? I'm sure no one at all is thinking about speech therapy related topics. Okay, just kidding. We all know that much of our time is spent thinking about therapy and how we can provide best practices.

This year was my first year working via teletherapy. I have some favorite activities, and I am happy to share them with you.

1. Describe-a-Scene WH-Questions Freebie by Cat Says Meow.


2. Master Pronouns and Verb Tenses Game Boards by Activity Tailor. To access this, you must subscribe to Activity Tailor's Resource Area, but it is definitely worth it. She has a ton of fun activities available.


3. Vocalic /R/ Elicitation Webs by Kiwi Speech - $2.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


4. Articulation Board Games by Speech Therapy Fun - $3.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


5. Articulation Worksheets from Mommy Speech Therapy - Free.


6. Vocabulary Dice Game Bundle by Word to the Wise - $6.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


7. No Print Winter Nouns & Pronouns Freebie by Allison Fors


8. Prepositions for Preschool by Tech 'n Talk SLPS - $5.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


9. SPEECH-ZEE An Articulation Dice Game by Panda Speech - $6.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


10. Compare and Contrast Teaching Guide by Speech Rocks - $5.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


I truly could've kept going with my favorites! There are so many awesome activities out there. Honestly, many activities can be used during teletherapy. Minor adjustments may be needed, but overall, there are so many options. I highly recommend browsing Teachers Pay Teachers because as teletherapy becomes more popular, teacher sellers will begin to sell more no print/no prep activities. 

I hope this list helps you with your planning for the fall. I'm still browsing, so feel free to leave a comment discussing your favorite activities!

<3 Breanna

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