Newest Back to School Products

This summer I've been really busy creating some fabulous back to school activities for my students, and I am excited to share my newest creations with you.

Back to School Roll to the Top Articulation Activity

My first product features phonemes initial, medial, and final /p/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /f/, and /v/ at the word level. 20 words cards are included in each phoneme set, and visuals are provided for each word making this product perfect for pre-readers.

The positions of phonemes are mixed together in this product which makes this activity ideal for generalization and monitoring of speech sound strategies at the word or sentence levels.

To Play: Have the student(s) predict which colored pencil will be the first pencil to be completely filled. Instruct the student to roll the dice. The student must find the matching number on the pencil and product the word at the bottom of the pencil. Mark off the correct production of the word using a BINGO chip or dauber. Continue rolling the dice and practicing each word until the student completes a row on a colored pencil. Play until all colors are complete if desired.

Take a look at the pictures below to get a better idea of this product.

Does this look like an activity you can use with your students? Grab it now from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Back to School Pencil Parade Phonology Packet

My second Back to School product features phonological processes fronting, stopping, final consonant deletion, and syllable deletion (3- and 4-syllable words). The packet included an open-ended pencil-themed game board, a spinner, and 250 phonology cards with visuals provided for non-readers.

Fronting, stopping, and final consonant deletion cards feature 54 cards with visuals. Syllable deletion cards feature 44 3-syllable and 44 4-syllable cards with visuals. Total cards = 250 in the packet.

To Play: Select the set(s) of cards to use with your student(s). Students draw a card, say the words correctly, and then spin the spinner. Students should moved to the colored pencil that they spun on the spinner. Follow the instructions on the game board for extra moves (forward or backward). The first student to the end is the winner.

Take a look below to get a better idea of this product.

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No Prep Weekly Articulation Homework

My final Back to School product features articulation homework for 52 weeks. This packet features initial, medial, and final /k/ and /g/ at the word level. 

Contents: 10 weeks of initial /k/ sheets, 6 weeks of medial /k/ sheets, and 10 weeks of final /k/ sheet. Additionally, 10 weeks of initial /g/ sheets, 6 weeks of medial /g/ sheets, and 10 weeks of final /g/ sheets are included to total 52 sheets of no prep weekly homework. 

This product frees up planning time making sending home homework easier!

Instructions are included on each sheet for the parent/caregivers.

Articulation word boxes are included on each sheet, and these boxes target five different words each week. The bottom of each sheet provides an area for students to write their name on handwriting lines to allow them to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Check out the pictures below. This product also offers a free preview in my TpT store for a closer look at the product.

Two blank sheets are included in the packet to allow you to write in your own articulation words in the articulation boxes on the bottom left.

If you think this product fits your students needs, download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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