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I'm so excited to join my fellow TpT sellers and SLP bloggers in this linky post to showcase our summer products. Many SLPs are asking for summer homework packets for their students, and many SLP bloggers have created packets that are perfect for their own students. I'm excited to discuss the packets that I created specifically for my own students - packets on which I have received fabulous feedback from parents!

Here are the products from my store that I am planning on sending home with my students.



1. Summer Language Homework Packet

This packet is ideal for preschoolers and Kindergarten students. This packet features various thematic units: ocean animals, the beach, bugs/insects, fruits, vegetables, pets, jungle animals, school supplies, farm, and community helpers. I use various thematic units throughout the school year with my students, so I figured it would be most beneficial to create summer packets focusing on thematic units as well.

This packet features many areas of language developing - labeling objects, identifying basic concepts, using appropriate grammar in sentences, using pronouns he, she, and they accurately, and moving pictures around to identify appropriate prepositions. These are all goals that many of my young students target throughout the year, and I know they will need to continue working on these goals this summer.

My summer language homework packet is black and white for easy printing and includes visuals which is ideal for young learners. 


2. Summer Articulation Homework Packet

This summer packet is ideal for students who are working on phonemes /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. Initial and final positions for each phoneme are included in the packet. These phonemes are the majority of the sounds that my caseload is working on right now. 

Each phoneme section targets five different activities - a matching game, a BINGO game, an open-ended board game, a roll and color activity, and a tic-tac-toe activity. These are all activities that are easy for parents to use with their children over the summer, but these activities are more game-like and feel less like homework (which is ideal for the younger population).

Included in the download is a parent letter explaining the activities. 

You can find both of these activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!


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