Featuring: Pizza Perfection & Sunshine Articulation Preschool Packets 1 and 2

I've been creating so many activities lately for my students, and I am extremely excited to share all of my new creations with you!

The first product I have created is called Pizza Perfection. This is a following directions activity that targets one- and two-step directions. So many of my students are working on following directions, and I needed a new, fun, and engaging activity for them. They absolutely love building pizzas!

Each student is provided with one blank pizza. Pizza toppings include onion, pepperoni, peppers, olives, and mushroom. The students will be instructed to add a certain number of toppings or take away a certain number of toppings on their pizza. Included on each directions sheet is a final listing of toppings required on each pizza at the end of the set as well as a visual with how the pizzas should look at the end. The student(s) who have perfect pizzas at the end receive an All-Star Chef card!

The second product I have created is a Sunshine Articulation Packet for Preschoolers. I have packet 1 and packet 2 which feature different phonemes. Included in each packet are different open-ended game boards with a sunshine theme and spinners.

Packet 1 features phonemes /p/, /b/, /k/, and /g/. Packet 2 features phonemes /m/, /t/, /d/, /f/, and /v/. Initial, medial, and final positions are included for each phoneme set. There are 18 cards per position for a total of 54 cards per phoneme. Also included at the end of the each phoneme set are six blank cards for you two create your own. Visuals are included on each card, which is ideal for young learners who may not be able to read.

Check out the pictures featuring all three of these activities!

You can find these activities at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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