TpT Sale: What's In Your Cart? Linky Party

It's finally May, and that means next week is Teacher Appreciation week! I like to think that it is a school staff appreciation week instead considering all school staff work with students and want to see them succeed.

Some changes will be happening with my district next year, but I will remain working with preschool and kindergarten students, so I am excited to purchase a few new activities!

If you are looking for a some new and fun activties, look no further. I'm excited to join Jenna's Linky Party to feature some of my products as well as some new activities I am looking forward to purchasing during the TpT sale!

I'm excited to feature my newest activity: Fourth of July Basic Concepts. This activity packet is very similar to my Christmas Basic Concepts packet in that it features prepositions, same vs. different, big vs. little, etc. One difference you will notice with this packet is there are 12 describing object cards along with a describing mat questioning the object's category, function, shape/color/size, location, parts/pieces, and composition. 

A reminder that I am also featuring my summer articulation and language homework packets that are perfect for young learners. The summer language packet features thematic units to target vocabulary, basic concepts, using appropriate grammar, pronouns he, she, and they, and prepositions. A parent letter is included to describe the packet. It's only $6.00 for 10 weeks of activities! The summer articulation packet features initial and final phonemes /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. The following activities are targeted for each phoneme: a matching game, BINGO, a board game, a roll and cover activity, and a tic-tac-toe activity. This packet is 70 pages in length for only $10.00!

Here are the items I have in my cart from other TpT sellers:

Pizza Smash Mats from Courtney Gragg

What's in your cart?

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Breanna