Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to fill out forms?
Yes. A packet of forms will be emailed to you as soon as the first session is scheduled.

How much does therapy cost?
Speech-language and mental health therapy is $105 per 60 minute session and $55 per 30 minute session. Our costs are generally lower than surrounding clinics, and we know therapy can be costly. Online services saves in gas and oil costs as well as traveling time. As long as the individual is in a quiet, distraction-free environemtn during the session, families will not need to find a babysitter and may even continue to work around the house during the session. Many families find great benefit in receiving services weekly, but the clinician and family will decide on a schedule for each individual based on individual needs. 

The last 10/5 minutes in a 60/30 minute session will center on connecting with the family of the individual receiving services, answer questions, and discuss homework expectations for the upcoming week.

Note: Speech and language screeners are provided free of charge. 

How does payment work?
Payment is due up front at the time of the service. You will be prompted to pay for the therapy session at the beginning of each session via credit card. Considering Cloud 9 Therapies does not accept insurance at this time, you may receive an invoice after each session that you can submit for reimbursement yourself if desired.

How long does treatment last?
Length of treatment is determined by numerous factors including the individual's needs, the family's timeline, and the family's financial resources. 

What does the first therapy session look like?
The first session, if an evaluation is not needed, will center on discussing previous medical/school reports, pertinent medical history, as well as concerns from the family/caregiver. The adult and clinician will develop a plan and goals together. Therapy will begin during the second scheduled therapy session.

When can a child be evaluated?
As soon as you have the slightest concern or question. Children can be evaluated for speech and language and/or mental health concerns. If you have concerns regarding your child's development, please contact us as soon as possible.

What does the evaluation process look like?
The process begins with an initial concern. Once the practice receives information, a screening can be scheduled. If the individual passes the screening, then the clinician may suggest some techniques for families to use at home. If the individual needs further assessment, then the clinician will schedule an evaluation. Depending upon the evaluation results, speech and language and/or mental health therapy may be recommended.

*Note: You may supply the clinician with a recent evaluation from a hospital and/or school setting if the evaluation was completed less than 12 months ago. The clinician reserves the right to administer additional assessments as seen fit.

How can I help my loved one succeed? Is there anything I can do to help?
Families that participate in the therapeutic process witness their loved one succeeding at a higher rate and within a quicker timeline than those who undergo therapy alone. For children who are receiving services, some children work best when their caregiver is beside them, and some children remain more focused when their caregiver is in another room. Regardless, the final 10 minutes of the session centers on the goals covered that day as well as homework requirements for the following session.